What should you look for when choosing comfortable shoes for work?

It is important to choose the right footwear as it will provide us with greater comfort, greater perspiration, greater durability and less fatigue. Comfortable shoes with an open design like the Elewert are perfect for working in dental and physiotherapy clinics, beauty centers, hairdressers, sewing workshops, ceramics, offices, etc.

Biocomfy Clogy Brown and orange leather clog

ELEWERT® offers you ORGANIC BIO sandals and clogs made of HIGH QUALITY SOFT NUBUCK LEATHER with the LEATHER WORKING GROUP certificate. Sustainably produced in Spain by renowned artisans. Sizes from 37 to 47.

Why choose Elewert as your work shoes?

The insole is one of the fundamental parts of the shoe to work on since it must collect the foot and provide a correct footprint. The materials used in its composition also influence since in this way the appearance of allergies, sweating, etc. is avoided. in addition to providing greater comfort.


The microfiber lined insole is breathable, permeable, absorbent, light and flexible. Our Natural and Lite slippers also have a removable recycled insole: resistant, durable, very light and antibacterial, and a flexible and comfortable rubber sole. All our shoes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Can I wash my Elewert slippers?

Elewert shoes have many components, with different care and washing characteristics, therefore hand washing in cold water is recommended or, if necessary, machine washing in cold water, with delicate programs without pre-wash and short spin. Do not use dryer, iron or dry cleaning. Allow to air dry to achieve maximum product life quality.


We are committed to sustainability in our brand, which is why our work shoes are made with materials that comply with current European directives. Our microfiber lining complies with the patented Technology Safety Shoes Tested UNE: 20344/2005, they are also free of Chromium 6 and CO2-free manufacturing, so they comply with the REACH regulation. And our inner lining complies with the European directive 2002/61/CE.

Luxury sustainable slippers.

Sustainable luxury slippers.

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