How do you take care of your feet after doing sports?

Feet also deserve a break after doing your favorite sport. At the moment we finish physical activity, our feet come to rest, they can swell or dilate and they need comfortable, roomy shoes that help them recover their usual body temperature. It is essential that at the end of the activity your body feels relaxed; Our comfort slippers, clogs and sandals help to achieve that feeling wherever we are, they are designed for rest, and you can take them everywhere, you can enjoy them wherever you want and whenever you want.

Biocomfy Mars Black and orange leather sandal

ELEWERT® offers you ORGANIC BIO sandals and clogs made of HIGH QUALITY SOFT NUBUCK LEATHER with the LEATHER WORKING GROUP certificate. Sustainably produced in Spain by renowned artisans. Sizes from 37 to 47.

After skiing, what slipper would you recommend?

Each collection of slippers has its specific characteristics due to the composition of its fabrics, but it is true that they are designed for a multitude of different uses, it could be said that they are "all-terrain", therefore you can freely choose our slippers for after skiing. Natural if you want to have your feet warmer and our Lite slippers if you prefer to have your feet padded and with less temperature, it all depends on the space where you are going to use them and above all on personal tastes, both collections regulate the temperature of the feet and are breathable, therefore both would be suitable to choose after skiing.


If, on the other hand, you like to wear open clogs with socks, we recommend our Biocomfy collection, specifically our Clogy 100% natural leather clog, you can use it at all times of the year and without a doubt, you will provide an extra dose of comfort, compared to the rest of similar clogs on the market.

Do not forget to take your Slippers or Elewert Sandals to the locker room

After playing a game of rugby, football, hockey, basketball, any sport, take a cool shower to relax our body, and stay as "new", our body needs it as well as our legs and feet, they are our allies during physical activity, and after it, we need to take care of them and pamper them, so don't forget to take your Elewert slippers or sandals to the locker room.


Why wear Elewert shoes and not any other? Well, can you imagine the sensation of walking on a soft and very comfortable mattress, it is a sensation of relief and total relaxation, of well-being, in short, our slippers and sandals are designed to improve your quality of life.

Luxury sustainable slippers.

Sustainable luxury slippers.

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