Who is behind Elewert?

Elewert is made up of a human team with strong personal values such as strength, perseverance, proactivity, sincerity, camaraderie, passion for a job well done, and of course, transparency, which day by day become Being part of our company and of course our brand, we are very proud of what we do and it is an honor for us that our customers are satisfied and happy with our products.

We introduce you to "The Boss"

Wherever you are, we know that you take care of us and send us strength to overcome new challenges.

Andrés Machado father, laid the foundations of what would be Elewert in the future, training his son: Andrés Machado, founder and general director of the brand. 

Everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him always assures that he was a person well ahead of his time, innovative, risky and too brave. In business you always win or lose, and for Andrés Machado Sr., that risk was the engine of his life.

He left very soon, but he left a lot of himself in his son, courage and experience are some of the many values that we can see in the founder of Elewert.

I tried not to miss any shoe fair

When you have a working father and businessman, you realize that every day is different, and of course you live many adventures, of all colors. I was very young when I got to know the world of footwear, it was my family's business and I learned it quickly, I remember that many days I had breakfast with my father in his office, next to his calculator, wooden clogs and his notebook where he he was writing his next “adventure”.


I remember that I was passionate about being with him, learning and being surprised by the things he did and said. Later I realized that that was called: Admiration.

Be reborn or die

After a hectic life full of changes, sorrows and many joys, scares and satisfactions, disappointments, goodbyes and new and beautiful births, many trips from country to country, from city to city, visiting clients and friends who would become family.

Thanks to all the people who have believed in me, today I am on board this new adventure, let's go for it all with ELEWERT and above all happy to see that our customers enjoy our slippers year after year, YES, IT IS SO WORTH IT! EFFORT!

We introduce you to our "Creative Soul"

Patricia Selva is, apart from the mother of our beloved daughter Alma, the person who has created the Elewert brand and atmosphere, thanks to her, our values are impregnated in the essence of the brand and are already part of our foundations. His day to day is quite an adventure, devising, creating, innovating, he cannot stop for a second, he is a person with a lot of creativity, on behalf of the entire team, we thank him very much for his dedication and effort.

In 2018 the new concept was born: ELEWERT Designed in the EU. Made in Spain

Let's talk a little about our brand: Our team specialized in product travels throughout the year to the different cities with the greatest interest to develop our collections.

Our manufacturing is entirely carried out in Spain, with the best artisans and suppliers of raw materials. Our business relationship began in the 80s. Today Elewert is a new updated concept created from all our experience, obtained generation after generation.

Own designs

The process of creating new moulds, at Elewert is a completely manual process, it is done by hand and we love to boast of a 100% handmade production. Here we show you our modeling and casting team, a privilege to be able to count on them, they are expert craftsmen. We love to give visibility to this type of ART with capital letters, because with time it will probably cease to exist.

Precision and millimeter calculation

When we turn a pair of Elewert slippers, and see the design of the soles, we can see that they are different and that they have a relief with letters and drawings.

It seems easy to obtain this result, if we do not know the process of creating a sole mold, but it takes many days and days to obtain each of the molds, since they are made by hand, with rudimentary tools and the good eye of the craftsman so that everything matches to the millimeter. This is an added value of our brand.

Quality control

We inherited our experience in the footwear sector by seeing how our families, friends, neighbors and acquaintances worked. We were born and raised in an area where footwear occupies an important part of the city's industry, thanks to this, we know how a quality product is made and manufactured, as our grandparents said, "a well-made shoe".

From Elewert, we humbly share the knowledge obtained, together with all the experience of our artisans and suppliers, so that Elewert remains faithful to its essence and maintains its high quality and design.

¿Cúal es tu estilo de vida?

Do we adopt in your family?

Our rubber sole is designed for daily use in
indoors and outdoors, one of our objectives is to adapt to our customers and their day to day.

Give your feet a rest

After doing sports, it's time to rest, give your feet a break, and get comfortable enjoying your Elewert slippers and sandals, you'll love it!

At work… All comfort

Many hours on your feet? Do you want quality for your feet? Get to know the high-density recycled interior insoles. Our clients define them as: Walking through the clouds!

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