“Upcycling, recycling and sustainability”

We bet daily to incorporate more sustainable methods for the environment in our company. Innovating in our raw materials, seeking and fighting to obtain recycled products, free of Chromium 6 and with a CO2-free manufacturing, that comply with the European directive 2002/61/CE, the regulations in force today, the REACH regulation and consolidating a respectful relationship with all our employees, teams and suppliers.

PETT FELT made from recycled plastic bottles

96% polyester felt recycled from post-consumer plastic bottles (30 bottles equal 1 kg of felt). Converting plastic waste into a value-generating resource is the challenge of Pett felt. It has all the characteristics of a felt produced with new fibers, but it has the great plus of sustainability and is fully recyclable. The origin of the bottles is also certified, guaranteeing that they really are bottles at the end of their life cycle.

GRS - Global Recycling Standard

The GRS is a comprehensive, voluntary, international product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.


Our felt: PETT FELT FROM RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES by Bigagli, our vegan microfiber and our recycled foam insoles, comply with its GRS certificate.

Natural cork

Cork: Vegetal tissue formed by polyhedral cells very close together, practically empty inside and very waterproof, which protect the living parts of the trunk and branches of the composite cork oak. These key characteristics represent a set of clear competitive advantages, both from a technical and environmental point of view, compared to any other synthetic product used in the footwear industry.

100% recycled foam sheets

The polyurethane foam with which we manufacture our insoles comes from a completely recycled product and has a useful life recovery rate of 100%.

In its manufacture, no CO2 emissions are carried out, so we strictly comply with current regulations, as well as with the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of chemical substances and mixtures), developed to improve protection for the human health and the environment.

Natural rubber

Our soles are made with Natural Rubber, this is the most used rubber in the world. It has excellent mechanical characteristics, such as resistance to traction, tearing and low temperatures. The main difference between vulcanized footwear and other types of footwear, resides in the high quality and flexibility that it provides to the finished shoe, since the rubber is fused by heat with the fabric itself, it is not necessary to sew or glue any of its parts, thus avoiding future ripping, detachment or breaks. In short, our slippers are prepared to accompany you in your life experiences!

We reduce the CO2 footprint on the planet

We bet daily to incorporate more sustainable methods for the environment in our company. We work with materials that comply with the European directive 2002/61/CE, the regulations in force today, the REACH regulation, free of Chromium 6 and with a CO2-free manufacturing.

Certified natural leathers

All the natural leathers that we use at Elewert come from WORKING LEATHER GROUP certified tanneries, with the category: GOLD RATED. Also complying with current regulations as well as the REACH Certificate.

Packaging Sustainable

Our recycled packaging is recyclable. The ink is water-based, thus favoring the sustainability of the product.

¿Cúal es tu estilo de vida?

Do we adopt in your family?

Our rubber sole is designed for daily use in
indoors and outdoors, one of our objectives is to adapt to our customers and their day to day.

Give your feet a rest

After doing sports, it's time to rest, give your feet a break, and get comfortable enjoying your Elewert slippers and sandals, you'll love it!

At work… All comfort

Many hours on your feet? Do you want quality for your feet? Get to know the high-density recycled interior insoles. Our clients define them as: Walking through the clouds!

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