Are you looking for slippers to walk around the house?

Do not look any further! Our Elewert are characterized by being quality, comfortable, light house slippers and also with an exclusive design. All of them are made in Spain and inspired by European trends. They are made with quality materials and adapt to your feet perfectly, so they are ideal for you, since you will feel more comfortable than ever when you are at home.

Our Elewert are unisex, so you can choose those slippers for being at home that you like the most. Look for your favorite number and color in our section of women's house slippers and men's house slippers.

Gray felt slipper

ELEWERT® shoes, great comfort and lightness. Made in Spain, and designed in Europe. Unisex for indoor and outdoor use. Rubber sole with removable recycled insole. Felt fabric with inner lining. Sizes from 37 to 47.

Reasons to choose Elewert as your house slippers

After a long day away from home, what we most want is to get comfortable, which is why choosing slippers to go around the house is essential for comfort in our home.

There are many factors that make us feel comfortable at home. One of them is the choice of good shoes, since most of the time we wear them, it is important that they are of good quality. Why choose Elewert sneakers?

Flexible rubber sole with easy grip, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Soft and breathable fabric, so they can be used in any season of the year. Keeps the foot cool and dry. The soles are flexible, so they provide comfort for hours. Light weight. Very resistant, light and removable recycled insoles. They provide style and comfort, favoring the well-being of your feet.

Care tips

Elewert house slippers have various components with different characteristics in terms of washing and care. Therefore, it is recommended to wash them by hand.

If you use a washing machine, you must set the program for delicate garments, cold, without prewash and with a short spin. They should not be tumble dried, ironed or dry cleaned. They should be allowed to air dry to extend the life of the product and to continue maintaining its quality.


Feel more comfortable than ever with your slippers for walking around the house!

Luxury sustainable slippers.

Sustainable luxury slippers.

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